• To create Awareness, Organizing Training & Development activities.
  • Upgrading skills of Traditional Artisans, Women and other Marginalized Communities.
  • Formation and Empowerment of Common Interest Groups and support through Micro Finance.
  • Support child centered integrated development ( Child rights and Child protection)
  • Promotion of Alternative source of energy for the rural community development
  • Promotion of Natural Resource Management for the best practice of protective environment and nature.
  • Promote Medical and other allied services in Disaster
  • Disseminate innovation of science and technology. Promote large - scale sustainable livelihood. Promote small - scale Industries.
  • Provide sustainable education, health and disabled people's rights
  • Provide preservation and promotion of artistic, handicraft and cultural resources. Support child and women empowerment.
  • Promoting and organizing meaningful educational programs for target group.
  • Running vocational training programs and organizing Self – Help Groups as part of economic empowerment of these disadvantaged groups and the communities to which they belong.
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