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The management functions related to grant management, resource mobilization and program development is led by the Director and secretary & Treasurer. The accounts and administration unit work in close coordination with the Secretary and Treasurer. Besides, the Secretary provides guidance to the Executive Director for timely and appropriate implementation of approved plans. The management function of Parivartan Sandesh is led by Secretary and treasurer. Secretary & Treasurer are responsible to implement the dictions made by the General Body and the executive Committee and implement the approved plans and programs. ED & Secretary takes decisions regarding day to day administrative functions i.e. standard procedures of office (SPOs) as well as implementation of the program activities in accordance with the guidance of policy decisions.

A management committee under the leadership of the Secretary and Director take decisions on the management issues of office, staff and programme management . Other members of the management committee include Director and In-charge of program, and head of finance and administration. Parivartan Sandesh has formulated various guidances to describe the policies and procedure that relate to the administration, accounts and program implementation. These include Accounts Manual, Human Resource Development (HRD) Policy, Child Protection Policy, Gender Policy, Procurement Policy and Service Manual. The intention of the policies is to maintain systematic discipline, to have an appropriate and effective control over utilized.

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