Annual Report

Accountant Financial Statement
Parivartan Sandesh is a mission driven organization with several achievements to its credit. Founded in 2006, Parivartan Sandesh is assiduously working in core areas – education, women empowerment, health, livelihood promotion, skill development, natural resource management, children development programme, training, human resource development and promotion of rural, urban community development and social research and development – to bring about positive changes in the lives of rural and tribal disadvantaged communities. The year 2013-14 has been successfully accomplished by Parivartan Sandesh with an effective development initiative to improve the lives of disadvantaged children, their families and communities. Parivartan Sandesh took its initiative in implementing the various development programmes with the support of our partners for better development of the society. The motto of the organization “An initiative for change” has been the driving force for Parivartan Sandesh to remain rooted in the core value of enhancing human dignity and sustainable development through the year. During the year Parivartan Sandesh has initiated various development programme for the development of children, youth, women, farmers, SC, ST, BPL, drug addict, labours, disable person and individuals. It has experienced that worth and strength of Human Rights Based Approach to development and has made conscientious choice to move forward with the same in all its program interventions. With the generous support of Donor agency, we have successfully implemented the projects with an effective outcome and the visibility of the development has been clearly seen among the community where the programme has been initiated.

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