A healthy advocacy “supports or promotes the interests of another." All one needs is to have the health care, education, food and protection in order to grow up safe and healthy. Similarly with children, all they require is your voice!Keeping this in mind Parivartan Sandesh has worked in ensuring promotive, preventive and health care services in tribal and rural villages of Chhindwara, Seoni and Satna district. Poor health education, poor access to health services and the prevailing cultural practices and socio-economic condition of those living in tribal and rural areas of Madhya Pradesh has led to high levels of disease and a low utilization of health services.

The community needed to be encouraged to address its own health needs by requesting and taking part in health programmes relevant to those needs and also using the health services already on offer. The first step was to organize and empower women in the community as well as Panchayati Raj Institutions. This was done by establishing Village Health Development Committee which trained and deployed a Village Health Development Volunteer in every single hamlet of this state. The project Sanjeevani has provided a comprehensive range of health care services to children & women, outreach, remote rural areas and slums through running dispensary in the community.

The programme has also focused on providing wide range of promotive, preventive and curative health services to the beneficiaries by providing a. Elementary health education b. Facilitate access to health services c. First aid help and treatment of minor ailments with over the counter drugs d. Prompt referral advice where necessary e. Facilitate collective disease preventive action by the community f. Organize and empower women. Parivartan Sandesh has contributed to community health services by providing health services, well-being and care services from childhood through to the end of life and supporting some of the most vulnerable people. With the efforts of Parivartan Sandesh, community people are linked with various Government health schemes which has reduced the percentage of malnourished children, home delivery and increased the awareness among community through which community has opted the institutional delivery system, visits of health workers has been regularized. Sensitization and capacity building of VHDC and sensitization level of the health personnel’s has continued the programme by providing better services to the community people. It is a significant milestone towards accessible health care in this region.

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