NGO Membership

Being a Parivartan Sandesh NGO Network Member provides an exclusive opportunity for your organization to contribute towards better funding and policy outcomes related to the Parivartan Sandesh and be part of a Parivartan Sandesh network of NGOs where you will be able to share ideas and experiences with other NGOs in your line of work. Your active contribution could influence funding and policy decisions on the national, regional and global level and provide better opportunities for your organization.

Furthermore, membership to the Network is 100% FREE and gives you access to more resources that may open new opportunities and will enable your organization to carry out your work more effectively. Benefits of being a Parivartan Sandesh NGO Network Member

NGO Membership

Have the opportunity to contribute to the policy making of Parivartan Sandesh and raise any concerns on Parivartan Sandesh processes or implementation

Be able to participate in Parivartan Sandesh NGO Consultation meetings and Parivartan Sandesh Assembly Meetings

Be eligible for consideration to attend Parivartan Sandesh Council meetings as observers

Be eligible to run for elections to be a Regional Focal Point which will give your organization more opportunities to contribute to the Parivartan Sandesh and Network activities.

Receive regular updates on activities and events of the Parivartan Sandesh NGO Network and the Parivartan Sandesh development programmes.

Be notified of funding and capacity building opportunities

Note: As the Membership Form requires the submission of various information in detail, it is suggested that you browse through the form online (by clicking the link above) or you can download the Word Document to help you prepare material for later input into this online form. Upon successful submission of your form, an automatic email acknowledgement is sent (to the organization email address that you input). All membership related correspondences/inquiries can be addressed to

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