Children Development

The state of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh has certain distinct features, which have bearing on the condition, status and rights of children. Its feudal history, colonial interventions, Strong patriarchy, cultural heritage, diverse ecology, cumulative traditions and typical institutional practices like child marriage, purdha challenge the issues and strategies of child rights in a big way.A large number of children die in infancy. Those who survive do not have access to adequate nutrition. Many children do not attend school; they are not immunized.

The number of child laborers is increasing. The girl child works at home, looks after siblings and performs adult-roles from a tender age. Recognizing the importance of the issue PS has always paid a great attention to issues around the child in its endeavors. Right from its inception the organization has been working in different capacities to address the issues related to child development.The organization has a strong believe that the complex nature of social problem needs multiple strategies if one wants to minimize these. With this opinion the organization started working on the Non-Formal Education model, and has been using it for various interventions. With the understanding developed over the years, PS facilitates the process of child development with partner communities and provides opportunities to develop the foundation of the child. In this regard, organization puts sincere efforts to place parents in a better position to attend/meet their children’s needs for social and educational development. Under the child development program we give more emphasis on education because of many new factors we see in society today. The widening gap between rich and poor, population increase, unemployment and underemployment in unorganized sector in particular, socio-cultural confusions caused under the impact of information technologies are the main corners at the crossroads and we need to understand them. Education for our children would require consideration of all such factors. Education is always perceived as a great tool for bringing about social change and the organization has always been trying to establish the thesis through different actions directed towards establishing a just society. For PS, the child development program is not merely providing education only; it captures all the aspects of a child’s lifespan where he/she could be developed as an individual of the society that is based on non-discrimination.

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